We help your tenants save

money on


phone plans


While making your property management easier, more efficient and more profitable.


Tenr is designed to save  time and money.

We understand that managing properties can be challenging, which is why we have created a free platform that is designed to help tenants and landlords save time and money.

Our free app offers exclusive deals that help tenants lowering their living costs while offering landlords an easy to integrate platform providing valuable information, enabling them to make informed decisions and lower their operational expenses.

Seamless, smart and easy  to  integrate.


Our free app helps tenants save money while offering great comfort.

- Create a healthy living community
- Making it easier to report issues
- Lowering living costs up to 30% with exclusive deals.

Saving money & improve quality of life

Our free app helps landlords cut operational expenses up to 20%

- An easy to ingrate platform with actual data insights
- Tenants are more self-sufcient, solving problems as a community
- Automated smart ticketing and communication channels
- Helps achieving ESG goals
- Happier tenants: higher renewal rates

On top of that, we promise a revenue share

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Facts, & figures of  our  running platform.


+5000 tenants connected

+ 100K

Over 100k in savings generated for tenants.

+ 50K

Over 50k in shared revenue generated for landlords.

- 20%

Up to 20% lower OPEX reported for landlords

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